If  you are worried about outliving your income, an annuity may be a good  option for you. An Annuity can guarantee a stream of income and death  benefit.

There are four basic types of annuities, Fixed, Variable, Immediate and Modified Guaranteed. The
best  one for you depends on your individual needs. If you would like to get  an annuity quote simply complete and submit the appropriate form. 

Variable Annuities
When preparing for the likelihood of a lengthy retirement, with the cost of living constantly rising
benefits  like Social Security may not be enough. A vehicle like a variable  annuity can be one of the options you need. This contact has a wide  range of investment options, professional portfolio management, tax  deferral, income options, and death benefits.

Fixed Annuities
If you are more of a conservative investor, a fixed annuity may appeal to you. Fixed annuities offer
steady,  guaranteed growth. But fixed annuities also offer tax-deferral to help  your money grow faster and a lifetime income option to keep your  retirement secure. Your purchase payments earn a guaranteed interest  rate for a set period of time. At the end of the period a new fixed rate  becomes effective, based on current interest rates.

Immediate Income Annuities
An immediate-income annuity has little or no accumulation phase. You can purchase it with one
payment  and may begin receiving income payments right away (usually within 30  days). This contract can help secure your financial future by locking in  a guaranteed income stream. After your one purchase payment you are  ready to receive income. You will also have the flexibility to choose  your payout options.

Modified Guaranteed Annuities
Provide  tax-deferred earnings with long-term fixed-rate options. Also known as  Market Value Adjustment (MVA) annuities. Like the previous annuities  this contract guarantees a level of income you cannot outlive, depending  on your payout option. There is no cash value or loan value and your  payment is based off a one-time premium payment. You can choose to  receive you income immediately or defer for up to 20 years (in most  states).

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