Business Owner Package

Business owners insurance offers complete coverage for medium to  small businesses – typically those with fewer than 100 employees and  less than $5 million in sales. A business owners policy, also known as  BOP insurance, combines several types of insurance coverage together so  you can buy a package of protection at a competitive price. With  convenience and customization coverage options we are here to assist  you. Find the insurance for your small business that’s right for you.

With  a business owners policy, your small business can get property  insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and  additional protection, built into one convenient package. Our insurance  for small business owners works to protect you from:

  • Property claims
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Income loss
  • Professional liability claims
  • Products and completed operations claims
  • Fire legal liability claims
  • Premises liability claims

Small  business owners insurance builds in the specialized coverage your  business needs, plus, you can choose from an array of other options. If  your company needs additional protection, our agents will work with you  to create tailored business owner insurance package that suits  your specific needs.

Find business owners insurance that is right for your workplace 

Business owners policy can be a good solution for businesses like:

  • Auto repair and lube shops
  • Delis and coffee shops
  • Motels and hotels
  • Medical, dental and veterinarian offices
  • Service shops, such as dry cleaners and funeral homes
  • Retail florists and clothing stores
  • Wholesale barber and beauty suppliers
  • Strip shopping centers

Our  agents plan to work with you long term. We understand that your small  business owners insurance needs will change over time, so contact us to  see how we can assist you.

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