Classic Car Coverage

Antique  or Collector car enthusiasts choose our carrier to insured their prize,  because they are getting more than just an insurance policy. They are  getting a wealth of information that only our professionals can offer.

Antique/Collector Car Insurance Coverage

Antique  auto & collector car insurance coverage will include enhancements  to the standard auto policy such as Agreed Amount, Inflation Guard and  Auto Show Medical Reimbursement to meet the unique exposure associated  with the Antique and Collectors Car industry.

Coverage Features:

  • Agreed  Value Coverage - you can predetermine the value of your vehicle. Once  the underwriting team has agreed to this amount, it becomes the coverage  limit for the policy teem. In the event of a loss, this is paid with no  deductible in most states.
  • NO Mileage Limitations - The  policy authorizes hobby use of the vehicle in collector activities,  exhibits and parades. Additional Coverage Highlights includes:
  • High Liability Limits Available - The ability to go up to $1,000,000.
  • Towing and labor expense, up to $250 each occurrence. •Auto show medical reimbursement, $5,000 each person, up to $500
  • "Trip  Interruption" coverage, up to $600 reimbursement for transportation  expense, lodging and/or meals in the event of collision or mechanical or  electrical breakdown.
  • Inflation Guard, with an annual increase of 4% each year.
  • Automatic coverage on newly acquired vehicles.
  • For  collections values at $1 million or higher, the program offers security  and loss control consultation to help better protect your investments.
  • Full Windshield Coverage with no deductible.

Grundy Classic Insurance

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