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Protect  your apartment or rental house and your possessions with renters  insurance. Renters insurance covers damages to your possessions when you  rent rather than own your home.

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What is Renters Insurance?

If  you rent your home, having insurance protection for yourself and your  possessions is still important. Similar to home insurance, renters  insurance protects you in situations that everyone can face: fire,  theft, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances your landlord’s  policy doesn't cover.

Renters insurance typically provides coverage, up to the limits you select, for specified items and situations, including:

  • Personal property (furniture, electronics, computer equipment, clothing, etc.)
  • Personal liability if someone is hurt, whether in your home or away from 
  • Damage to your apartment or home caused by a covered loss

Imagine  going to dinner or a special family get-together, and when you return  home, you're greeted by the flashing lights of police cars and fire  trucks. Building fires and damage can happen anytime, anywhere, but with  proper renters insurance, your personal property inside your apartment  will generally be covered if it’s affected by any of the following:

  • Fire
  • Smoke damage
  • Theft
  • Collapse of the building due to weather
  • Water leakage or overflow
  • Freezing of plumbing, air conditioning and more

Renters  insurance will protect you from incidents that occur while you're at  home, too, such as a toaster catching on fire or a friend slipping and  falling while visiting you. Renters insurance provides coverage for your  own items, and it provides coverage for other people's injuries or  damages in situations for which you're liable, as well.

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