Universal Life Coverage

Universal  life insurance policies provide the flexibility to build your policy's  cash value or focus more on guaranteed protection.

Choose from two policy designs:

  • Guaranteed Protection lets  you choose the length of the protection guarantee and the premium  payment schedule up front-both are then guaranteed not to change so long  as the premiums are paid as planned.
  • Cash Accumulation allows  you to change, within limits, your premium payments and death benefit.  It also allows you to set aside additional money in a tax-deferred way  to help you meet long-term financial goals.  


Sometimes  called second-to-die insurance, survivorship life insurance covers two  people and provides a benefit only after the second person has passed  away. Whether your goal is to leave an inheritance, protect your  business or provide a lasting benefit to a charity, survivorship life  insurance can be an important part of your estate plan. 

Survivorship life insurance policies allow you to:

  •  Equalize your estate among beneficiaries where assets are hard to divide
  • Provide funding beyond your lifetime for care of a child or other dependent with special needs
  •  Ensure that funds are available for fees, taxes, and estate expenses.  

Survivorship life insurance policies may be less expensive than covering two people with two individual policies. 

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